29 Feb, 2024

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We spend a lot of effort on content quality, so we’re careful about what we post. Here are some recommendations to make things easier:

  • Home-decor ideas
  • Product comparisons
  • How-to guides
  • Release news

Here are a few ideas for your guest article. Below are links to some of our popular blog entries.

Submission Guidelines

• All guest blogs should be on home décor, as we only accept that niche. We only cover Home decor and Home Improvements. The guest essay should enlighten readers. No self-promotion.

• The article must be 500+ words and up to 2000. It should be well-researched and provide visitors value. The issue should be completely covered. If you borrow from another website, you must cite it.

• Images and videos are crucial to attracting users. You must include 1 image with the content. You can email us the image you captured or its source. We expect no image copyright violations. Only use official website photos for product reviews.

• We accept do-follow and no-follow links in the same post, however, we don’t connect to competitors. Link to your website or sales page. To make material SEO-friendly, insert Meta Description and target keyword.

• The conclusion completes any piece. At the end of the Post, a brief concluding paragraph is required. Include your perspective, facts, and references to support your argument.

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