Home Designs with Red Cedar Shake Siding
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Home Designs with Red Cedar Shake Siding

Red cedar shake siding is an iconic aesthetic that previously covered the country as the country established its own customs. Now, this unique Americana look is making a comeback – except this time, red cedar shake siding is constructed using materials that are more modern, progressive, and long-lasting.

Examine five eye-catching red cedar shake siding ideas and learn how to choose a red cedar shake product that will endure for decades.

Why Are Designers Choosing Red Cedar Shake Siding?
Not only is there a return of traditional Americana aesthetics, but new siding technologies are making these classic designs more practical for a broader variety of climates. Red cedar shake siding is no longer restricted to rural locations in temperate temperature zones such as the Great Plains. Designers are coming up with new methods to use red cedar shake panelling in a variety of locations.

Red cedar shake siding invokes the warm cosiness that many homeowners want when constructing their house, and it remains a popular choice for exterior siding. Modern design accents maintain the curb appeal current and polished, making it simple to blend houses into the surrounding environment, whether rural or urban in nature.

Using the Best Red Shake for Construction
It is important for homeowners to understand that not all red cedar shake siding looks or functions the same way. Natural cedar takes a lot of attention to sustain its natural beauty, and even then, it may be vulnerable to insects, rats, woodpeckers, moisture damage, and colour loss from sunshine exposure.

Red cedar shake siding made with fibre cement is popular among homeowners who seek high-quality materials that will last much longer and continue to look nice with minimum upkeep. Allura is a fantastic supplier of high-quality red cedar shake siding that is far more durable due to its fibre cement composition. Using a solution like Allura may help to guarantee that your red cedar shake siding looks wonderful and performs well for a much longer amount of time.

There are several techniques to design, giving homeowners a lot of leeway throughout the process. Take a look at these five diverse house designs, each of which uses red cedar shake siding in an eye-catching manner.

  1. Colonial Revival Architecture
    Colonial-style houses are often built with relatively flat proportions and a linear layout of windows, doors, and smokestacks. A colonial-style home’s exterior appeal may be boosted with a dramatic colour choice and added visual texture, whether it has a sloping or flat roof. Both are provided by red cedar shake siding, making it a perfect choice for this classic architectural style.
  2. Craftsman-Style Residence
    Craftsman-style houses often include several dormers on the second floor, covered porches, and sloping roofs. These elements are enhanced even further by the addition of red cedar shake siding. Because Craftsman-style houses have so many angles to deal with, it might be useful to match red cedar shake siding with dazzling white trim, which emphasises the home’s proportions.
  3. Red and Black Strength and Stability
    Combining red cedar shake siding with black trim is an especially daring decision. The dark colour scheme gives an appearance that communicates power, stability, and protection – qualities that many homeowners want in their house. The beauty of the red and black exterior colour combination is that it works well regardless of architectural type, delivering a contemporary aspect to residences that are old or new.