Is it possible to vacuum broken glass? Here’s How to Deal With It
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Is it possible to vacuum broken glass? Here’s How to Deal With It

How can a single smashed glass tumbler or lightbulb produce so many tiny glass fragments? When a breakable object falls to the floor or a countertop, glass fragments seem to disperse to every corner of the room. Your initial thought may be to get the vacuum cleaner and clean up the mess as soon as possible. Is it, however, safe to vacuum glass?
The short answer is that it is dependent on the sort of vacuum. Learn which vacuums may be used securely to vacuum glass and other suggested ways for getting rid of every minute piece of glass.
Use a Vacuum with a Flexible Hose Only When Necessary.
Using your vacuum with a flexible hose to suck away glass might damage the machine’s hoses. The jagged edges of glass fragments may damage the vacuum hose even if you pick up the bigger pieces by hand. A minor gap in the hose causes the vacuum to lose suction, rendering it useless at sucking up dust and grime.
Many vacuums include powerheads with beater brushes to aid in the removal of debris imbedded in carpet fibres. The beaters or rollers might disperse the glass shards even further, or the glass can get lodged in the roller.
How to Use a Handheld Vacuum to Clean Glass
Large Pieces Should Be Sweeped Up
Begin by sweeping up the big shards of glass with a broom and dustpan. Put them in a thick paper or plastic bag and throw them away. Before using the portable vacuum, try to remove as much of the glass as possible.
Make use of a Handheld Vacuum.
You can suck away pieces of glass using a handheld vacuum that does not have a flexible hose. Ensure that all filters, as well as the collecting cup or bag, are securely in place. Wearing eye protection, thick gloves, and strong shoes is a smart idea since you will most likely be working near to the floor and the broken glass. Work carefully and deliberately in a grid to catch as much glass as possible in the strongest light available.
Get Rid of the Glass
When you’re done, gently pour the collecting cup into a large paper or plastic garbage bag for disposal. If the vacuum has a disposable collecting bag, put it in a garbage bag and throw it away right away.
How to Use a Wet/Dry Shop Vacuum to Vacuum Glass
Glass can be vacuumed using a wet/dry shop vacuum that can handle water and metal shavings. Follow the manufacturer’s operating instructions and these advice for any brand of shop vacuum:
Into a Pile Sweep the Glass
To begin, while vacuuming glass, use safety eyewear and heavy shoes. Check for any obstructions in the hose or collecting port. Pick up the big pieces of glass with heavy gloves before vacuuming and sweep as much of the glass as possible into a compact pile. Dispose of the glass using a dustpan.
Vacuum the remaining glass on a low setting.
To clear up the remaining shards of glass, start vacuuming on the lowest suction level and gradually increase to the maximum suction level to collect the tiniest fragments. To ensure that you have removed all of the glass, use a strong, LED light held at various angles.