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Drilling a Hole in Glass

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You may need to drill through glass on occasion for a creative project or a house repair. Fortunately, this is a simple, fast technique that most craftsmen and homeowners can do with just a drill, a particular drill bit, and lots of water.
The Fundamentals of Drilling a Hole in Glass
Many individuals are used to drilling into wood or plastic. Aside from correcting for the hardness of the material, this is a simple operation. Drilling through glass is unusual because the drill speed must be maintained modest in order to manage the temperature. If the glass becomes too heated, it may shatter. Furthermore, since the drill bit has a propensity to skitter around the surface, beginning the hole might be difficult.
A steady trickle of water on the surface aids in lowering the temperature of the drill bit and glass. As you drill, an aid may gently sprinkle a tiny trickle of water over the top. Alternatively, as explained in this project, you may use a plastic jug that leaks a continuous stream of water.
For the greatest results, use a carbide-tipped drill bit.
Considerations for Safety
Drilling through glass is risky. Wear safety goggles, gloves, and a dust mask at all times. Glass dust is very dangerous, therefore never breathe it in and keep it away from your skin. The steady flow of water will assist keep the glass dust in check and wash it away.
Drilling a Hole in Glass: What You Need to Know
Maintain the glass’s temperature at all times.
Continuously running water, similar to a wet tile saw, is more effective than compressed air at keeping glass cold. The water aids in the containment of the glass particles.
A hand drill may be used to drill curved glass. However, if you have a drill press, this will simplify the job.
Run the drill gently at all times.
Breakage happens when you drill too rapidly, abruptly transition from hot to cold (or vice versa), or fail to support the back.
Certain forms of thinner glass are difficult to drill and often shatter.
While immersed in water, small things may be drilled.

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