Lighting Fixture Ideas to Give Your Stairways a Royal Touch
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Lighting Fixture Ideas to Give Your Stairways a Royal Touch

Each and every part of your home needs lighting, be it your kitchen, bedroom, entry room. Same goes for stairways, they need to be illuminated. Adding a chandelier to your stairway will make it look more appealing and stylish. A chandelier will provide light for the ceiling as well as objects in its vicinity.

Although you have got a beautiful open stairway, does it feel like something is missing? It can be due to missing chandelier, to add a touch of elegance in it. This is where Sofary will come help you with our unique chandelier ideas of staircase. We can assist you in finding the perfect chandelier for you we have a wide range of chandeliers in many styles.

When we think about chandelier, the first thing that pops into our mind are the grand and huge crystal pieces seen in movies and mansions, but they are not the only style available. Some of the styles of chandelier are Vintage candle lantern chandelier, Spiral chandelier lightings, Glass ball chandelier lightings, Chrome chandelier, Waterfall crystal chandelier, Modern sputnik chandelier lightings, European stairway chandelier, and many more.

Design of lighting will depend upon the shape of the stairway like straight, round, helical and more. Some of lighting options are given bellow:

  • Chandeliers can be finest choice for your stairway. This lighting structure will hang from the ceiling making the place feel royal and luxurious. It can be an outstanding choice for a circular stairway.
  • Beacon lighting on staircase will look flawless and with three or four adjacent wall lighting, the area will look striking.
  • Petite lighting will add space in the stairway, they are stylish and functional.
  • Mix and match different styles of fixtures to get a unique look, chandelier will look good with wall sconces and wall lamps.
  • Side wall lightings will give the staircase a smooth look and they should be placed at distance of four blocks.

Deciding the ideal chandelier for your stairway can be confusing. Following tips will guide you to find a perfect match for your home:

  • Main objective of the chandelier- First decide, do you want chandelier to make your home glamorous or for a subtle touch. How much amount light do you require?
  • Keeping your home style in mind- Traditional home requires crystal chandeliers, while modern homes will require bubble and raindrop chandeliers
  • Focus of lightings- Decide if you want a focused beam or want to illuminate wide space.
  • Different styles in chandelier- Learn about different types of chandeliers available and then narrow them down to your liking.
  • Size of the room and load capacity- The size of chandelier will depend upon the size of your room, height of ceiling and inter-stair distance. The weight load of ceiling electrical box carry should also be considered.          

Staircase chandelier need not be a huge investment; even the affordable ones will bring in the wow factor to your home d├ęcor. Selecting the right chandelier for your home will be a piece of cake once you know the style that will go with your interiors and the place where you would like to place it.