Reasons to Think about a Rooftop Walkway
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Reasons to Think about a Rooftop Walkway

Rooftop walkway systems are sometimes overlooked as unnecessary and costly. When it comes to rooftop safety, we recommend going beyond the bare minimum. Elevated roof walkway solutions on metal roofs protect not only your personnel but also your roof.

1) Liability is reduced by using walkways.

It’s perilous to walk on a slick roof and the risk rises when the roof is slanted. On slopes up to 35 degrees, installing a walkway offers workers a firm, stable, non-slip surface, considerably reducing the risk of a slip that could result in a deadly fall. A safer, sturdier walkway not only protects your employees, but also protects your business.

Adding guardrails to rooftop walkways also ensures safety and limits access to dangerous places. A sturdy and flexible safe access solution is provided by the choice of installing a single or twin railing system.

2) Extend the life of the roof

Constant foot activity on your roof’s membrane might cause it to collapse prematurely, requiring expensive repairs or replacement. The addition of roof walkways creates a distinct demarcation route while preserving the roof’s integrity. The pedestrian weight is evenly distributed across the roof walkway system’s surface, extending the life of your roof.

3) Easier Equipment Access

The equipment on your roof, like the equipment and machines inside your business, is critical to keeping your operation running smoothly. A walk able roof offers easier access to pipes and equipment, reducing danger and providing workers confidence in their ability to do their jobs safely every day.

To prevent falls and other injuries, it is critical that you, as the employer, provide the appropriate safety solutions, equipment, and training to your staff. Because all roofs are built differently, safety equipment like lifelines and anchors may not work on metal roofs. For workers to safely traverse a roof, Con-form Group provides a non-slip, flat surface.

Let’s get started on creating a safe rooftop walkway that will improve the efficiency of your building. Our safety experts will answer all of your inquiries and design the safety solutions you require.

Do you require a whole rooftop walkway?

The Con-form Group walkway system is simple to install on your crossover platform. Even on roofs with a 35-degree slope, Con-form Group provides a level, non-slip route over the whole roof. Your roof will be safe and easy to navigate with crossovers, regardless of the layout, barriers, or hazards.

Why is the Rooftop Walkway regarded as the best?

The rooftop walkways System Is Considered by Builders and Architects, according to Design Components.

It is in your best interest as a commercial building owner to locate the best items for the building to ensure that your operations function as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Commercial HVAC systems are frequently overlooked among the many pieces of equipment that must be maintained. This is either because they aren’t usually seen regularly or because there isn’t always easy access to the rooftop HVAC units. We see this far too often as specialists on aluminium roof walkway systems, which is why we strongly advise you to adopt Con-form Group rooftop walkways for your commercial building.

Three Reasons to Choose Rooftop Walkway as Your First Choice

Roof Protection – The Con-form Group Roof Walkway System helps to reduce the amount of damage that foot traffic causes to your roof. We further guarantee that it will not penetrate any standing seam metal roof panels or have any influence on insulation, particularly in single-ply roofing systems.

Safety – The Con-form Group rooftop walkway, along with our Safety Handrail System, has been thoroughly tested to meet or exceed OSHA and IBC code standards. As a result, you may rest confident that your maintenance crew will be safe while working.

Compatibility — another benefit of our Roof Walkway System is that it may be used with a variety of other Con-form Group products, such as steps, ladders, and roof hatches. You will be able to obtain access to your rooftop most efficiently and safely by merging them all.

Customization — the rooftop walkway system can be coated to match your metal building’s color scheme.