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The Best Wedding Anniversary Flowers For Every Milestone

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It’s exciting to celebrate your wedding anniversary. This is a time when you recognize the journey and commitment that you have made together. There are many anniversary gifts that you could choose from, but anniversary flowers are the best and most sentimental.

Marriage in any year is an incredible achievement. Here are some tips:

Varieties: The type of flowers you choose will depend on how many years you have been married. However, you can always include your spouse’s favorite flowers in the bouquet to make it more personal.

Color: Every year of marriage is represented by a color, so pick a bunch of flowers in the traditional hue.

Accents: You can pair your bouquets with an accessory, such as a vase or gift. This is a great way to incorporate traditional materials and anniversary gifts into your flower arrangements.

1st Anniversary: Carnation

The most exciting time in your life is the first anniversary of being married. A bouquet of carnations will help you celebrate your new and youthful love. The traditional first-anniversary flower, carnations, are also called Dianthus caryophyllus. The ultimate symbol of love and distinction, carnations are wonderful flowers.

Carnations have many meanings, so it is crucial to choose the right color. Carnations in dark red are used to show deep feelings of love and affection. Light red carnations can be used to show admiration. Both colors are great choices for celebrating your new love. For a sweet touch, add a handwritten note of love to your carnation bouquet since the paper is the traditional gift for your first-anniversary gift.

25th Anniversary: Iris

It makes a great 25th-anniversary flower. An iris arrangement is a great way to celebrate a quarter-century. The blue iris flowers are a symbol of royalty and can be used to treat your partner like a queen or king for a day.

The gift of iris flowers has been a symbol of deep love, appreciation, or sentiment throughout history. You can choose specific colors of iris to express something, such as purple for royalty, white for purity, or blue for hope. Irises are the perfect gift to show your love for your spouse or treat them like royalty.

50th anniversary: Yellow Roses & Violets

A beautiful bouquet of yellow roses, violets, and purples will celebrate half a century of marriage! These two flowers can’t represent this achievement. They are combined to signify the lives of two people who have supported one another throughout the years. These vibrant yellow flowers can be described as the inner beauty and light of a happy marriage.

A bouquet of yellow roses or violets should be paired with gold, the most popular of all the anniversary symbols. When you are looking for a gift for the 50th anniversary, don’t forget to include grand anniversary arrangements. Gold is half a century’s worth of love.

It’s a wonderful gesture to surprise your loved ones by sending flowers on their anniversary. Same-day anniversary flowers from Redfern florist are a great option if your anniversary is fast approaching. They will save you stress and make your celebration extra special.

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