Things to look for when choosing a board & care home
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Things to look for when choosing a board & care home

When an elderly loved one goes from independent living to long-term care, he or she often has to choose between an assisted living complex and a board and care home.

While there is no universal definition for board and care facilities, as there is for assisted living communities, the primary distinction between the two is size. Assisted living facilities often have more inhabitants than board and care homes for seniors. Both living alternatives provide identical services, however your loved one may choose one over the other. Board and care facilities, like assisted living, are regulated by specific states.

Let’s take a deeper look at each of these senior living options.

What exactly is assisted living?

Assisted living offers elders with long-term housing and care. It is perfect for seniors who need assistance with certain activities of daily living (ADLs) yet want to live a sociable, active lifestyle. Remember that assisted living and board and care facilities provide less care than nursing homes.

Assisted living communities, which are more like all-inclusive hotels for seniors, may provide the following:

• Assistance with laundry, housekeeping, and activities of daily living such as bathing and grooming that seniors may struggle.

• Restaurant-style meals, happy hours, and resident-centered activities.

It’s vital to understand that many assisted living homes have health requirements for prospective members. This implies that in order to participate, a person must be able to feed oneself alone or transfer from a bed to a wheelchair without help.

When is assisted living a good option for a loved one?

• Need minor assistance from nursing staff or assistance taking medications but do not require full-time medical care

• Are you seeking new friends or social activities?

• Want more amenities, activities, and recreational opportunities than a board and care home would offer

• Are currently in good health but know they will need more help soon

• Need help with activities of daily life, such as dressing and bathing

What exactly are board and care homes?

Board and care homes are residences in residential areas that are fitted, altered, and staffed to care for a limited number of inhabitants, often two to ten.

These houses provide care equivalent to that provided by assisted living communities, but at a lower cost than a nursing home. This implies that although board and care homes may assist with daily tasks, they often do not offer 24-hour expert nursing care.

Caregivers at the board and care homes often make two or three home-cooked meals each day for residents and assist with tasks such as:

• Mobility

• Health condition monitoring

• Grooming and cleanliness

• Medication management

Other names for the board and care houses include group homes and nursing homes.

Board and care homes are also known as:

• Residential care home

• Adult family care home

• Group home

• Senior group home

• Adult foster care home

One phrase is more popular in certain areas than others. In California, “board and care home” is a frequent word, although “group home” may be heard as luxury assisted living in Los Angeles. But don’t be confused by all the many names contact royal garden BC for more information.