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7 Tips For Planning Your Laundry Renovation

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The laundry room is often overlooked and not given much thought. A neglected laundry room can still be made functional and attractive with some planning. These 7 tips will help you plan your small laundry renovations Sydney.

1. Outdoor Access

The first step in remodeling your laundry space is to decide where it should be located. A simpler access route from the laundry to your backyard allows you to hang clothes on the line instead of drying them. This saves money, energy, and wear and tear. Laundry with access from the outside makes it easier to divert grey water for use in the garden if you are trying to reduce your carbon footprint.

2. Great Ventilation

You may not be able to locate your laundry with access outside, so you will need to consider how to improve ventilation. This is especially important if the laundry doubles as a bathroom. A laundry room with too much moisture can lead to costly damage and health problems. If you plan for the space, ensure that there is adequate ventilation.

3. Plan How You Use Space

Everyone has experienced the frustrations of a messy laundry room. It is important to take time when designing laundry spaces that meet your needs. It is worth doing your research and taking the time to plan to make sure your laundry has enough space to store items such as a washer and dryer and sink. There should also be enough space for laundry baskets, storage, and movement.

4. Make The Space Dual Purposes

Multi-tasking is a common feature in modern society. Many homeowners have their laundry room attached to their bathrooms. Smart planning can make your laundry room look smaller than it is. It’s easier to get the plumbing and ventilation done in one area of your home if you share the wet space. Lighting is a crucial part of the appeal and practicality of multipurpose spaces. You should ensure that the room has a great combination of task lighting, natural light, and both indoor and outdoor lighting.

5. Prioritize Stockage

Laundries often house everything, including cleaning products, pet supplies, and dirty laundry. It is, therefore, crucial to have enough storage space to store it all. Your laundry will have the storage you need, whether it is overheads, drawers, or cupboards. Custom cabinetry allows you to be more creative in how you design your storage. You can store specific items like the vacuum cleaner, mop, ironing board, or mop in one place and hide them when they are not in use. Many homeowners are now looking to enhance the beauty of their laundry rooms with open shelving. These are practical and easy to install. An open rail allows clothes to be dried on hangers. It also reduces ironing.

6. Consider Safety

The laundry room is one of the most dangerous areas in your home. It must be designed to minimize any safety hazards. You will rarely need to use more electricity, lift heavier weights, or handle a greater variety of chemicals every day. Therefore, it is important to plan the layout of the laundry room to minimize potential hazards. It involves proper wiring and considering where your outlets are located.

7. Make It A Space That You Don’t Dread Going Into

We all know that laundry can be tedious. However, a well-designed space can make it easier! These are the areas that make laundry rooms more comfortable and convenient. A built-in bench can be used to fold laundry. An oversized sink can also be installed so that delicate can be washed by hand. You could also add a skylight or glass door for natural light and illumination.

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