There Are 4 Benefits To Installing Ductless Air Conditioning In Your Home
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There Are 4 Benefits To Installing Ductless Air Conditioning In Your Home

Have you sweated your way through one too many hot summers? You should consider installing air conditioning. The many choices available on the market can make it easy to become overwhelmed. It can be confusing to choose between split and ducted air conditioning systems. It doesn’t need to be difficult.

Here are 4 reasons why installing central air conditioning in your house will be the best investment you ever make.

1. You Will Feel Consistently Cool In Your Entire Home

A split system will only allow you to cool the space or area where the system is installed. To maximize the effectiveness of the unit, you need to close that area. If your home is open-plan, this can lead to problems. To cool more rooms, you must choose a larger and more powerful unit. It’s impossible and expensive to install a split system to cool every room. Therefore, it is important to pick the rooms and zones that you wish to cool.

Split-system air conditioning is not possible with a ducted air conditioner. You can cool your entire home at the touch of one button. The central unit is often hidden in the roof. A system of ducts is used to pump the chilled air through vents. That means you have more freedom in your home and don’t need to shut or open doors as you move. The whole-of-house entertaining is made easier by ductless air conditioning. You don’t need to turn off any areas for the temperature to drop. Ducted AC means that you can lower the temperature discretely without having to blow an icy blast at your head.

2. Ducted Air Conditioning Is Much Cheaper Than You Might Imagine

Ducted air conditioning will indeed cost more upfront than a split unit. Installing a ducted air conditioner can save you money over time.

You will need to pay for installation costs for all the split systems you choose. Next, you will need to account for servicing and maintenance expenses for each unit. All this adds up. You have more air conditioners than you can handle, so you are at greater risk of having your conditioner break down. This is especially true if your split systems are not maintained.

Ducted System Air Conditioners are the ideal solution if you are worried about overcooling rooms you aren’t using. You can turn off cooling when you don’t need it by installing a ducted AC system. You can, for example, cool the bedrooms during the night and the living rooms during the day with a properly zoned system.

It is easy to find product information and labeling so that you can compare the energy consumption of various ducted air conditioners. You can have your air conditioner installed to guide you through this process.

3.  Cooling System That Perfectly Matches Your Lifestyle

You have many options when it comes to duct air conditioning systems. You can pre-program your ducted system to turn on and off at a time that suits you best. Some ducted systems have Wi-Fi connectivity that allows you to control and automate your cooling system remotely using your Smartphone

If you install ducted air conditioning, your air conditioner can also be used as a heater in the winter months. Reverse-cycled ducted air conditioning can be used to heat your home without additional heating costs.

4. If It’s All About Aesthetics, Ducted Is The Clear Winner

Your home is an expression of your personality. You have more space to express yourself with a ducted conditioner. Because a ducted system is much less visual intrusive that a split or multiply system,

The main cooling unit is usually located in the roof void. The cooled air is then fed into your rooms via hidden ducts. Only a small portion of a ducted air conditioning unit is visible. This is similar to an iceberg. The controller, return and ceiling vents are the only ones that remain. You can style your rooms as you wish. This means you don’t need to sacrifice valuable wall space for a wall-mounted unit.