Why Do People Use Storage? These 7 Top Reasons Why Storage Is Important
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Why Do People Use Storage? These 7 Top Reasons Why Storage Is Important

Did you ever wonder why self-storage units keep popping up all over the city? What might people put in storage units? Why is storage important?

Although we had a general understanding of which our customers are and why they need storage from us, we decided it was worth digging deeper. In a survey that resulted, customers revealed the main reason why they needed additional storage.

41% said that they needed storage to move. The next largest was 17% who stated that they used storage for clutter removal. Are you curious about other reasons why people use storage units? Continue reading to learn more information.

1. To Help You Get Through The Stress Of Moving

When we move, there are so many different situations we may find ourselves in. Moving is stressful, regardless of whether we are moving to another state or our first house.

Sometimes, temporarily renting a storage facility can be a good solution for common moving problems. Continue reading to learn about the most common reasons for renting a storage container during a moving process.

Self-Storage Is Required In Moving Scenarios

Downsizing: When you are trying to move into smaller homes quickly, it’s possible that you won’t be able to get through all of your belongings immediately. Avoid making hasty decisions that could lead to regret later.

Are there children or pets in your home? You may have many items in your home that are not ready to be displayed at a real-estate showing. Many realtors recommend renting a small storage space to store some bulky items off-site throughout the selling process.

An occasional job that doesn’t require a permanent residence: When you travel abroad or serve in the military, it is possible to have a storage area with your home items. When you are ready to make a home, the storage container can be sold and replaced by a longer-term residence.

Consolidating homes: This could happen when a young couple moves in together or an elderly parent lives with a child. You will have plenty of stuff, in both situations. A storage unit will allow you and your loved ones to move smoothly.

2. To Increase The Amount Of Space In Your Home

Sometimes we simply aren’t able to part with our belongings. They may belong to another member of the family or might be sentimental.

Many people temporarily rent a storage space to organize their clutter and keep their homes clean. People with an artistic flair for interior decorating may be able to rent storage units so they have different options when it comes to their decor.

3. To Keep Vehicles Safe During The Offseason

Customers store more things than their cars. Self-storage facilities allow customers to store their RVs, boats, and motorcycles in the offseason. Storage units are often cheaper than garages or driveways for toys that most people don’t have enough room for.

You have more options to store your vehicle than inside a regular storage unit.

These are some of the most popular options for self-storage:

  • Outdoor parking spaces
  • Outdoor spaces covered
  • Climate-controlled indoor storage units

4. To Assist With Organizing A House Renovation

Even though you aren’t moving, you decided to tear out your backyard and build an extension. Owners can space they don’t need to renovate so that storage units are available for them to use as needed.

5. To Store The Belongings Of A Loved Person

The task of going through a person’s house after they have died is not on everyone’s priority list. However, it is common for people to push to have the house empty so that it can sell or rent.

Sometimes, the clutter can overwhelm a grandparent or parent. Customers who have suffered a loss can store their belongings and go through them again when they are less raw.

To help your emotions stay cool, it is a good idea to wait for a bit before going through a loved one’s belongings. If people have had more emotional healing, they might be able to deal with an item that was once the subject of a fight.

6. To Vacate A Dorm Or Room During Summer

Children who leave home to go to college are often faced with the problem of where to put their stuff while they’re gone. Students and their families flock to the storage facilities located near college campuses every June. It’s so much better than having to take a dorm space full of belongings back home to their childhood bedrooms!

7. To Keep Inventory Organized For Businesses

You have ever considered starting a business and having it take over your entire residence? It seems smart at first to save money but soon it becomes overwhelming. Many small business owners rent storage to keep track of their inventory.

The following are just a few of the businesses that have found value in storage units:

  • Carpenters and contractors
  • Antique and book dealers
  • Retail shop owners
  • Service and Sales professionals